Thursday, September 20, 2012

AppleTard Tales 1

Therupuzhudhi was getting ready to go from Hayesville, Oregon to Salem, Oregon for a desi potluck, a distance of about three miles. A week ago he had a new life-changing experience by buying a new iPhone preloaded with Apple Maps. He could not wait to show off his latest transformation. 

Thanks to the poor implementation of Apple Maps, he was directed to Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. But Apple and Steve Jobs could never be wrong. May be it was a short-cut, reasoned Therupuzhidhi. He drove through the Canadian border, then the North Pole, across Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally to Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. He was surprised that was not the Salem he was looking for.

So what if the maps sucked and he was a retard? Apple was about design and user experience. His life had been transformed by a phone. He was the first to buy the next iPhone. 

A week later he was invited for a baby shower. In Madras, Oregon.

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