Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Real Armani Story

Ramasamy was a tailor from Arasapatti. He had five daughters before he had a son whom he named Manivannan, Mani to his friends. Mani loved idli so much that he illegally immigrated to a land named after idli. They just got the spelling wrong, Italy or something. Mani retained his father's skills and founded A.R.Mani Tailors near the Rome bus stand. The initials A.R stood for his place of origin and his father's name. He worked hard and drank a lot of wine. Today A.R.Mani Tailors is a global brand called Armani. Forward this to everyone if YOU ARE A TRUE INDIAN!!!! In case I left out a few more exclamation marks, have some more!!!!!!!!!!!


hari said...

Hahahahaha... good one

ashok said...

u at ur best :)

hari said...

Do you know, there is actually a case called 'Armani vs. A.R.Mani' over the domain name

A.R.Mani won the case. No kidding.