Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fuck Apple again

I bought undisclosed amount of Apple shares at $80 and exited when it hit $600. By undisclosed I mean insignificant amount that does not let me retire and force me to rant on blogger.

Anyhow, the story about my iPhone purchase is pretty simple - I wanted a phone to browse with AT&T and that was my only option. I have never plugged the shit to a computer and never updated the OS. Who the fuck does that to a phone?

Now, after two years my daughter broke the charger that came in the phone's box. Which, if you've used the piece of shit will realize to be a big fucking deal because you will not be able to receive calls, making your beloveds go 'செத்தன்னைக்கு வான்னா பத்தன்னைக்கு வர்ற?'. The local 7-11 did not have a charger. The local Apple store wanted the profits I made in the first para and one of my testes and kidneys for a charger.

I set forth on a journey to find something affordable online. I found one for $1, I was happy, until I read the comments; sample this -

I compared the cable I received with my original iPhone 4 and 3 cables. I cannot tell any differences other than a slightly different feel of the rubber/plastic material along the cable length, which by the way also differs between my genuine Apple iphone 4 and 3 cables. Another reviewer posted pictures on Amazon in which the cable in question appeared to have a slightly wider or larger connectors, but mine are identical in size, and appearance.

I am very happy with this purchase and will purchase several more.

ADDENDUM April 20, 2011
After my initial great experience with the cable (that I ordered from Amazon's merchant Cellular 5 Star), I ordered 3 more cables, and did not realize that the "default" merchant had changed to Importer520. I just received these 3 cables and they look similar to genuine Apple cables at quick glance, but on closer inspection, they all had surface blemishes and slight irregularities. They also had a suspicious looking "Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China" stamped on the cable length.

The cable from Cellular 5 Star was of very good quality that I could NOT distinguish from genuine Apple cables, but the ones from Importer520 are slightly inferior. The feel of the cable length material is good though, in that it is supple. It will coil and uncoil without keeping the bent shape.

I have contacted Importer520 to see if I can get a refund, but their stated return policy states that they will not refund shipping costs, which when I ordered was almost all the purchase price.

ADDENDUM June 16, 2011
I purchased another "OEM" cable, this time from Item44Less and this cable is the worst of the bunch. The length of the cable is made out of a rigid plastic that does not bend like the more supple rubber-like material of the genuine Apple cables or even from Cellular 5 Star or Importer520.

ADDENDUM September 2, 2011
I purchased another "OEM" cable, this time from C and J Accessories, which actually qualifies for Amazon Prime since their order fulfillment is through Amazon. This cable is clearly not authentic with the end that connects to the iPhone being larger by about 0.5 mm width and length. The other Amazon merchants cables were identical to design, but differed in quality. This cable actually differs in its design with its wider and thicker connector end. The length of the cable is also more plastic than a flexible rubber, compared to authentic Apple cables. I would say this is almost as bad as Item44Less.

ADDENDUM September 19, 2011
I purchased a cable from Niceeshop and it looks genuine except that the cable length material is not as supple as the genuine Apple cables. The cable length material is not as rigid as the Item44Less cable, but more inflexible (retaining bends) than the Importer520 cables.

SUMMARY (Ranked in order of similarity to an authentic Apple cable)
1. Cellular 5 Star cables are the best and indistinguishable from my genuine Apple iPhone cables.
2. Importer520 is acceptable, but slightly inferior to Cellular 5 Star with some cosmetic blemishes. The cable length is made out of a high quality material.
3. Niceeshop is acceptable, but the cable length is not as supple as the Cellular 5 Star or Importer520.
4. C and J Accessories, although it qualifies for Amazon Prime, has its iPhone connector end as larger than the authentic one with a cheaper cable length material.
5. I would avoid Item44Less because of the rigid plastic cable material that does not bend and keeps the angular bent formation from its coiled position during shipping. The cable length material is the lowest quality (i.e. most plastic like) compared to the above four competitors.

Seriously? Can't I just use a phone for making fucking phone calls? As I write this the stupid phone is dying.

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