Friday, June 3, 2011


So, hawkeye thinks this scene is one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. I beg to differ. Below are the more powerful scenes, in my opinion -

1. "பொண்ணு தீயா இருந்துச்சுயா"
2. "அந்த பொண்ண பாத்தவேன்கர மொறலே சொல்ரண்யா, அது ஒனக்கு செட் ஆகாதுயா"

This is unacceptable coming from someone who aspires to be a டம்மி பீசு like SBI officer or house husband. The role of side characters in that movie is largely under appreciated. Like Nicholas. In Hawkeye's view, if Vettrimaran and Dhanush are Tendulkars, these characters do the bit role like Dodda Ganesh who take the movie past the finish line.

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ashok said...

did u see " Alagarsamiyin kuthirai" ?